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Chi Alpha is a ministry that exists to reach college students, build them up in their faith, and send them out to serve and make a difference in a world in great need.

Welcome to Carolina!

Here's what's coming up!

Pit Table - Tuesday 10am - 2pm

Join us in the Pit to catch up after the break, hear more about upcoming events, and pray with one another!


Regularly Scheduled Events

Large Group - Wednesdays at 7pm

Worship with us in Union 3209. It's just down the hall from where we were last semester. Joe will continue to set up our series called Hitting the Mark: Practice Makes Perfect.

Life Groups

Our small group Bible studies where we pray together, eat together, learn together, and grow together meet throughout the week.


Tuesdays at 7:30pm at the NC Study Center

Thursdays at 7:30pm (it used to be at 7) in Morrison


Thursdays at 7pm in Grimes

Prayer Walks - Tuesdays at 2pm - CANCELLED THIS WEEK (9/17)

Pray with us in the Pit this week instead.

Starting at the Old Well, walk around the campus and pray over the areas where we spend our time.

Morning Prayer - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30am-7:30am

At the NC Study Center. Start your day by praying with Christian students from different ministries.



If you are looking for a local church, email for more information.

Know someone coming to UNC?

Everyone needs a friend to stand with them. If you know someone coming to UNC, or is already here, invite them to Chi Alpha.